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Why is the baby crying?. Is she hungry?. Is she tired?. Does something hurt?.We have to learn to decipher their weeping.

Even when the babies are very small, it is important to teach them to socialize, take them to a day-care center a few hours a week could be a good idea.

Advice to prevent dermatitis and diaper rash:

During the first months of life of the baby, the skin of his bomb should be protected. The constant contact with irritating substances of tinkles and the pooh, the humidity, the rubbing of the diaper... cause that the fine skin gets irritated with facility.

Changing the diapers often is the way to avoid irritations. Preferably change the diapers after the meals, not before. Use diapers of cellulose, thick and absorbent. Wash your baby with warm water. After the change of diaper, aply smoothly a protective cream that will acts like barrier against the irritating substances.

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